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In Conversation WithAlexandru Roznovat,Founder Of PixTeller
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A Romanian startup, PixTeller which was founded on July 25, 2013 is now creating a huge buzz. The web based photo design and editing application allows anyone to create social media covers, images, banners and graphics for print. Recently Startup-buzz had a talk with, Alexandru Roznovat, Founder Of PixTeller about

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In Conversation with Somnath Meher, CEO and Co-founder, WitWorks
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How Blink is Going to Disrupt the Smart wearable Market! Witworks, an Indian consumer IoT firm, has just launched its first smart wearable called Blink, which is powered by Marvin OS, their own voice-based OS. Blink is now available for pre-order and starts at a price tag of INR 12,999/-.

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In Conversation with AbhinandKaseti, Co-founder and CMO, Unicoin
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From $6/Btc To $600/Btc, The Future Of Bitcoin Looks Promising. Bengaluru-based bitcoin startup, Unocoin, has recently secured about $1.5 million in funding.This is the largest funding ever secured by an Indian bitcoin startup. The startup is revolutionizing the online transactions by providing simple, secure and straightforward way of buying, selling

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Best mind game Apps for Entrepreneurs to play
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Mastering mind to master at business! Do you experience forgetfulness at work, or you’re unable to stay focused for long stretches of time? Is your mind gets often distracted? If so then you may want to give brain games a try. By the way, who doesn’t love games? And playing

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Japanese Startup; TBM Makes Paper Out Of Stone
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An Eco-Friendly move! All of us know that paper is made out of trees. But do you know how many papers a tree can produce? One tree makes 16.67 reams of copy paper, or 8,333.3 sheets. Also, three gallons of water are required to make single sheet of paper. Paper

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StreetTreat is the New App for Discounted Roadside Shopping
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Money Saver and a Handy Fashion Guide! The streets of Mumbai are dotted with a number of local street shops that sell amazing clothes and accessories.  Although more international brands and showrooms are being launched than ever before, the heart of shopping still lies at the local street vendors. The

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Will New App "Dave" be a Game Changer?
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Financial management is essential for every person, especially in the current economy. Knowing how to handle every paycheck is an important skill anyone should have. However, nobody is perfect. Sometimes we end up being caught up in financial issues that we cannot solve unless we borrow extra cash. Borrowing and

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Five tips to keep your SME finances under control
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SMEs play a vital role in the economy. In the two decades between 1993 and 2013, they created 63 percent of the new jobs in America – acting as the engine room for the economic growth of the nation. It benefits us all if our SMEs survive and thrive. However,

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Change.Org Grabs Big Investment From LinkedIn Founder, Reid Hoffman
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Modern adaptation of paper-based petitions! When Benjamin Rattray, the founder and CEO of pitched Reid Hoffman for investing in his startup in 2006, it didn’t interest Hoffman much then but later in 2014 Hoffman invested. Recently, Reid Hoffmanf – founder of LinkedIn is leading the $30 million funding round

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