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In Conversation with Nitin Babel, Co-founder of
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Chatbots Revolutionizing e-Commerce  Founded in April 2015 by four IIT Kharagpur alumni- Nitin Babel, Keshav Prawasi ,Sachin Jaiswal and Shishir Modi- is an artificial intelligence-based chatbot that uses the state-of-the-art technology like natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to converse with humans on a simple chat interface and

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In conversation with Founder of Myfairtool
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An online solution for companies participating in trade show Isn’t everything chaos when you want to participate in exhibition like what about checklist, spreadsheet, accommodation, mail client and list goes on. Well to make all this task and planning easier,a Hong – Kong based startup, Myfairtool has come up with

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Conversation with Sandeep Aggarwal, Founder & CPO, Droom
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  It is a fact that there is no other platform like Droom in India yet. Founded by Sandeep Aggarwal of in April 2014, Gurgaon-based startup Droom is an online marketplace for buying and selling of old and new automobiles. But what makes it stand out from the competitors?

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Will New App "Dave" be a Game Changer?
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Financial management is essential for every person, especially in the current economy. Knowing how to handle every paycheck is an important skill anyone should have. However, nobody is perfect. Sometimes we end up being caught up in financial issues that we cannot solve unless we borrow extra cash. Borrowing and

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Five tips to keep your SME finances under control
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SMEs play a vital role in the economy. In the two decades between 1993 and 2013, they created 63 percent of the new jobs in America – acting as the engine room for the economic growth of the nation. It benefits us all if our SMEs survive and thrive. However,

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Change.Org Grabs Big Investment From LinkedIn Founder, Reid Hoffman
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Modern adaptation of paper-based petitions! When Benjamin Rattray, the founder and CEO of pitched Reid Hoffman for investing in his startup in 2006, it didn’t interest Hoffman much then but later in 2014 Hoffman invested. Recently, Reid Hoffmanf – founder of LinkedIn is leading the $30 million funding round

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Whenever an SME (Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises) business wants to get business loans, it can get very frustrating because most of the qualities required to get the loan are structured with big businesses in mind. This is understandable because financial institutions would like to plug into developing companies but they

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TO THE NEW along with Amazon Web Services successfully decoded Digital Transformation
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New Delhi, 29 May 2017: TO THE NEW, a leading digital technology company, in association with Amazon Web Services, organized ‘Digital Transformation Summit’, a one of its kind exclusive event to decode digital transformation in Media & Entertainment (M&E) industry. The event was held at Hotel Shangri-La, New Delhi on

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GOI Revises 'Startup' Definition; Here's All You Need to Know
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Modi gets it modified! ‘Startup’ definition in India gets few changes.They were done to promote entrepreneurship under ‘Startup India’ and for also making it easy for business ventures to avail incentives. Earlier only tech companies or companies with innovation and intellectual property were considered a ‘startup’ by DIPP (Department of

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