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Milo wants to make traveling productive and fun with Workaway Camps
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In November, 2016, Milo began work on its initial development as a productivity startup to enable professionals to organize and arrange meetings with real time features. We soon realized that the company isn’t built by just the technology but the people. The startup community has been closely tied up due to various startup communities

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Bevy - Everything Startups app to help entrepreneurs
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The 10,000 hour mark is that magical number that was made popular by Malcolm Gladwell in his record-breaking book ‘The Outliers’. In a very basic sense, in order to be deemed as an expert in a particular field, you would need to put in 10000 hours of practice into that

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GoDaddy Launches Flare, the Tinder of Startup Community
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 People’s Community to Develop Business Ideas Cloud-based domain service provider, GoDaddy, just launched a new app called Flare. It is being pegged as the Tinderfor entrepreneurs. It is an app where people can come and discuss their ideas, and get feedback from other entrepreneurs and members in real time. Insights

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Assam’s Oil India Ltd. Announces INR 50 crorefund to boost Startups That Don’t Even Exist
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Whose Benefitting At All? A couple of days ago, we wrote about how Modi’s Startup India campaign has nothing to show for even after nearly 2 years of its announcement. Now comes a curious case about Assam’s state-run Oil India Ltd. The company has announced a Rs. 50-crore fund to

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Story Of Vijay Shekhar Sharma

  Story Of Vijay Shekhar Sharma Vijay Shekhar Sharma, one of the youngest renowned entrepreneurs of coming ages. Here is the short summary of his life journey. Vijay Sharma was born on July 08, 1978 in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, India; Being born in a lower middle-class family. His father was
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White House to let foreign startups work in the U.S. with the International Entrepreneur Rule
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Is the long wait for entrepreneurs to step overseas finally over? The startup world has had a dramatic awakening with recent news of the Obama administration proposing a new rule to allow foreign startup founders to come to the United States! Provided they have raised money from American investors, these

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Symbiosis Hyderabad launches Incubation Zone
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Startup India, Standup India! Located in Kothur Mandal, Hyderabad, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM-H) has announced the launch of an Incubation Zone for startups. To give you a brief idea, Symbiosis is a family of 44 academic institutions, imparting quality education for over 40 years. It is host to

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Answer these 10 questions to find out.   Do you know your business leaders? How great a Startup enthusiast you are? These are the Startup leaders who went where no one dared to go. They bootstrapped and borrowed heavily, and some of them were down to their last penny. But,

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Bangalore Startup Marathon Calling!
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Bangalore Startup Marathon is an exclusive event for entrepreneurs and people connected with the startup ecosystem, which is being held on May 1, 2016 Bangalore Startup Marathon provides a one-of-its-kind platform for entrepreneurs who have recently started their journey towards success. This event is associated with The Hindu, Sobha Dreamacres,

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