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In Conversation with Rich Clominson, co-founder of Failory.
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Technology in 21’st Century is more advanced and disruptive than ever. There are start-ups emerging every day in every part of the world. There is very less success rate of start-ups and more failure. While building any startup, an important factor to accomplish success is to learn from mistakes and

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In Conversation WithAlexandru Roznovat,Founder Of PixTeller
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A Romanian startup, PixTeller which was founded on July 25, 2013 is now creating a huge buzz. The web based photo design and editing application allows anyone to create social media covers, images, banners and graphics for print. Recently Startup-buzz had a talk with, Alexandru Roznovat, Founder Of PixTeller about

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In Conversation with Somnath Meher, CEO and Co-founder, WitWorks
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How Blink is Going to Disrupt the Smart wearable Market! Witworks, an Indian consumer IoT firm, has just launched its first smart wearable called Blink, which is powered by Marvin OS, their own voice-based OS. Blink is now available for pre-order and starts at a price tag of INR 12,999/-.

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Top Assisted Living Franchise: The Top Ones When Starting A Business
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Entrepreneurs are noticing a rise in a demographic they usually don’t think about — seniors. To address this growing market, a number of businesses have thought about offering in-home assisted living. It used to be that people who are over 65 with family to help them out were sent to

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3 Technologies Revolutionizing Online Business
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Modern technology has proven itself disruptive time and again which has allowed businesses to flourish and advance in industries like education, manufacturing, logistics, and finance. Disruptive innovation is also disrupting companies from Google to Microsoft. While in the past the disruptions were unexpected, it has allowed business owners and entrepreneurs

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Laravel - Make you feel faster and more enjoyable for PHP programming
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For a long time, there was a mass of various competing frameworks ravishing the PHP community. For the most part, conferences only discussed what they plan to achieve and what their framework has accomplished over the years. This led to fierce competition by these frameworks over the one that performed

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The Different Types of Payday Loan Lenders
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Financial emergencies occur every day from car repairs to past due bills that cannot wait until your next paycheck. In these situations, a local payday lender is an asset worth considering because of the quick processing times. Short-term lending companies base their approval or denials on current ability to repay

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GovernmentStartUp News

For a registered tax payer already registered under previous taxation laws and for a tax payer who is proposing to get registered under new law for the first time registration under GST becomes important for them for the following reasons – Person is recognized legally as a supplier of goods

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SmartAdvocate Case Study1
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Smart Advocate is a leader in the legal management software industry. For this to be said about any kind of brand in any kind of industry, it should have demonstrated a certain uniqueness that is hard to find in its competitors, apart from fulfilling the needs of its consumers. Smart

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