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In Conversation with Rich Clominson, co-founder of Failory.
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Technology in 21’st Century is more advanced and disruptive than ever. There are start-ups emerging every day in every part of the world. There is very less success rate of start-ups and more failure. While building any startup, an important factor to accomplish success is to learn from mistakes and

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In Conversation WithAlexandru Roznovat,Founder Of PixTeller
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A Romanian startup, PixTeller which was founded on July 25, 2013 is now creating a huge buzz. The web based photo design and editing application allows anyone to create social media covers, images, banners and graphics for print. Recently Startup-buzz had a talk with, Alexandru Roznovat, Founder Of PixTeller about

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In Conversation with Somnath Meher, CEO and Co-founder, WitWorks
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How Blink is Going to Disrupt the Smart wearable Market! Witworks, an Indian consumer IoT firm, has just launched its first smart wearable called Blink, which is powered by Marvin OS, their own voice-based OS. Blink is now available for pre-order and starts at a price tag of INR 12,999/-.

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Pay Attention
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As we do every year, we’re now already headfirst into 2021, which means it’s time to get set up for the year by highlighting what’s going on, what’s big right now, and what we can expect to happen over the next 12 months so we can get ahead in the

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  Marketing is a great way to raise awareness about your company. Instead of waiting for business to grow on its own, you are allowed to go on the offensive. But not all advertising opportunities are created the same, as described by businesstrex. Before you dump all of your money into

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Using such tools as Google Ads is important for an online business. The number of online stores has been growing every year and increased even more after the Covid-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, even though the pandemic has encouraged many people to start their own businesses, not all the niches are doing

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technical mistakes
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Are you ready to take the plunge into the world of entrepreneurship? You have a revolutionary idea, to begin with, but HEY, have you ever been in a business before? Those who think starting a business is an easy feat, they either belong to a different world or have never

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Custom Stickers
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Custom stickers for your business are necessary to help you stand out from your competitors. The right kind of exceptional sticker for your business can form an association between your consumers and your brand almost immediately. If consumers can instantly recognize your brand, it eliminates all the time it would

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Debt Is Not Always a Bad Thing
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When it comes to credit and debt, there is a cacophony of mixed and confusing messages. If you use a credit monitoring service, half the communications are about helping you get out of debt, while the other half is trying to get you into yet another credit card. One hardly

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