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Dirk Gostomski

Dirk Gostomski, the founder and CEO of Financial Modelling Videos, has extensive experience in the development and review of financial models. For more than 20 years Dirk is building complex project and operational models and reviewing financial models for a wide range of industries.
Working as a consultant for SMEs and venture capital firms - offering business planning, financial due diligence and capital raising services - the idea was born to develop and provide flexible, easy-to-use and robust Excel-based tools. The primary objective is to help entrepreneurs, senior managers and investors with a detailed financial model to gain full visibility into all of the assumptions, cash requirements, profitability, scalability and the ramp-up of their respective business.

How To Create Successful Financial Models For Startups
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Let’s assume you have an idea for a startup that you’re ready to pursue. What’s next? How do you know if this idea will succeed and be able to bring in sustainable revenue and how much money to raise from investors? This is when having a solid financial model is

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