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Budget marketing tips for a Startup

Marketing is a constant flowing process required to keep the startup in the eyes of consumers. An effective marketing campaign act as a link between need and demand.

It doesn’t matter what business you do, whether new or old, marketing is required to gather exposure. Nicely funded startups spend a rational amount on constant basis to keep their product/service in the eyes of crowd. In case a startup is new, and has started taking baby steps, few budget marketing tips can help you to create a buzz. It won’t make you viral, but you will have something to show.

Marketing is a core component of a business process. Without marketing, it won’t be possible for a business to beat competition. Technology contributed to a platform that does not require costly infrastructure or a huge team. Though it provides globally exposure, it is easy to manage. Certain tips we collected and tried to compiled at one place. Do share your insights on our social platform or in the comment section. We tried to collect sources of marketing that a startup can use with nominal investment, more it requires is to invest is man hours. This is effective in short and long run both. Atleast the process will help startup to keep on buzzing around.

Conversation Prism by Wikipedia:

Conversation Prism
Conversation Prism

Social Media – The most common approach towards reaching masses. Social Media is huge today. Started with a few sites, there are more than 70 popular social media platforms. A startup can effectively create a strategy and target a platform to pitch its products and services. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, etc. are among the most popular one. Certain social media platforms are limited on the basis of content like YouTube for Video, Instagram for Pictures, etc. Still they have huge potential in digital marketing.

Target Audience – Find the right audience. Startups require limited exposure depending on their niche. For example Uber, provides a service that connect cabs with passenger through technology. So finding those who are looking for convenient travelling options, can help your startup to gather more exposure. Target audience helps you to plan a future strategy also. You can get a lot of insight form Social Media reports. Once you finalize the target audience, it would be easier to take decision for expenditure on marketing. This includes finding the location for promotion, finding the consumer requirement and connecting with them.

Email Newsletter – Ample of online service provides a specific amount of free Email Newsletter service. But if you are having an engaging website, you can collect information through the channel itself. Ask your visitor to subscribe for your newsletter or updates. Compelling content plays a vital role in user engagement.

Build Alliance – Connect with others. Networking will expand your universe. You can find mentors to guide you. It is always good to connect with people of industry through events, or meetings. Alliance will increase your strategic approach towards the way you want your startup appear in front of others.

Promotional Products/Services – Free is a magical word. Offering promotional products to the target audience is among the most effective way of gathering crowd.  This would cost a nominal amount, but it will keep a presence of startup maintained. Adding referral model to the promotion can help you to boost your campaign and gather exposure.


  • Various budget marketing tips can help startups to maintain their exposure in the market. Especially if it is a product or service based business model.
  • Startups can try Email Marketing, Promotional products, networking and Social Media to promote themselves at nominal expenditure.

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