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Developers understand how to create complex products that serve an invaluable purpose for online businesses. A chatbot is an efficient way to answer customer questions and manage services for them. It saves the company time and eliminates long delays when calling. The development helps the business manage customer service without

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Are you looking to improve digital customer experience? Here’s why you should look into session replay and how it can help your business. Were you aware that session replay software can guarantee your website grows? Many businesses are starting to invest in session replay because it provides them several tools

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Deep Learning
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Search by image has been the most imperative technology. Nowadays, deep learning is also incorporated here which uses artificial neural network-based approaches to study data representation, which can then be applied in many different problem-solving. You can click on to use an authentic Image search tool that gives you

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7 Best WordPress Plugins
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WordPress is a lot more than a blogging system; it is a powerful, comprehensive content management system (CMS). Any type of media can be published, organized, and managed with WordPress, making it a great solution for content creators of all kinds. People who record podcasts have plenty of great ways

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Autism-Friendly Employers
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There are plenty of employable persons with autism that are unemployed, and there are several employers who are doing their part to change the employment outlook for autistic individuals. Adults on the spectrum are increasingly becoming sought after for many reasons, and the number of companies offering immersive job training

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Pune, 22 January – Harbinger Interactive Learning, a global leader in eLearning services, today announced that it was featured on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500™ Asia Pacific 2019, a ranking of the 500 fastest growing technology companies in the Asia Pacific. Rankings were based on percentage revenue growth over the

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Website in WordPress
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If you wonder why WordPress?The answer is simple. This is by far the simplest and easiest platform to use if you want to operate with the content of the website. The beauty of this platform lays in the fact that everyone can use it. Whether you’re familiar with HTML or

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Staff Training
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In a competitive retailing arena, high standards are required to win and retain customers and have them recommend your business to others. Tech and training Well trained and motivated staff, allied to the use of efficient modern technology that can maximize retail transactions by gathering valuable customer data and accurately

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Small Business GPS
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Are you considering the value of small business GPS to optimize fleet management? The ability to gather data like status reports, vehicle safety, ETA alerts, or proof of compliance is invaluable as it will help you to improve workflow efficiency and establish if small business GPS is worth it. Is

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On 09.20.2017, ACTUM Technology launches a Kickstarter campaign for their pioneering device re:brain that uses a smart technology to track brain activity and help people intensify their daily lives. Our brain is a drudge working all day and night shifts to process social, emotional, physical, and other data. Just like

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