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UK Startup unveils Breathe, a Smallest Pocket Size Air Purifier

Breathe fresh Air everywhere you stay!

Pollution commonly affects our health and life in urban areas. Constant release of smoke and polluted substances makes the environment unhealthy.  At our homes air is not completely fresh due to various reasons. Air purifiers can help to eradicate polluted substances and reduce the impact of pollution on health. Models today are huge in size. That is the reason they are able to perform well to clean air of a big space. But a UK based Startup is working on smallest Air purifier that you can carry in your pocket. This device is called as Breathe, a unique device that can clean air by eliminating polluted substances from air.

Video above shows a general idea of Breath. With just 30cmx6.5cm dimension, it gets smaller than your Smartphone. It is designed to clean air in the range of approx 20 meters diameter by releasing anion molecules. Don’t go on the size, it looks small but has effectual performance. This filter free device runs on battery and can operate for 30 hours on single charge and generates ~ 3000000 anions pcs/cm3.

Additional features it carries are cutting unpleasant odor, remove pollens, destroying tiny particles upto 25PM pollution, eliminate smoke, reduce headache, boost energy & concentration.


by Shesmen

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Breathe has a unique hexagon design and build with sturdy aluminum case. According to the makers, keeping the size small without affecting the performance of device is a challenging task. It would be the smallest air purifier but not the first, as there are ample of models in the market with similar features.


  • Breathe is the first smallest Air purifier that can generate 3000000 anions pcs/cm3.
  • It has sturdy design with a range of 20 meter and 30 hours of battery on single charge.

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