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What Is Session Replay and Why Should You Care?

Are you looking to improve digital customer experience? Here’s why you should look into session replay and how it can help your business.

Were you aware that session replay software can guarantee your website grows? Many businesses are starting to invest in session replay because it provides them several tools to monitor their sites. Whether you have a small business or a large enterprise, session replay can help you understand your audience.

So what is session replay?

To help you get a better understanding of what session replay software is and why you should care, we’ll outline all the basics. Read on to learn everything you need to know about session replay!

How Session Replay Works

Session replay is a type of software that allows website owners to see how visitors interact with their sites. Whenever someone accesses your site, you can see their cursor movements, what they click on, and how long they view a page. Session replay essentially provides website owners with live recordings of visitors’ experiences. Not only does this make it easier to improve your website, but you can also see exactly what visitors are interested in. Depending on the software you use, you may compare data from various session recordings. The session replay software will have charts and other metrics you can view to make the user experience better.

 The Benefits of Session Replay

Using session replay software can provide website owners with a plethora of benefits that help them attract more visitors. It’s especially beneficial to those that run online stores because you can increase sales and see which products customers are interested in.

No matter what you use your website for, you can benefit from session replay in these ways:

Correct bugs

Whenever your website has a bug, you can view a session recording to see how the bug was found. From there, you can go through the same steps and replicate the bug. This makes troubleshooting much easier because you can see exactly what’s causing the bug and correct it.

Increase Conversion Rate

When the main purpose of your website is to attract visitors and retain them, you’ll need session replay. As people visit your website and view things, seeing which things people interact with the most will help you come up with new things to continue interesting them.

If you run a digital store, you can push products similar to the ones customers interact with and increase conversions. Since people will see that you’re constantly introducing things they like, they’ll keep visiting the website and purchasing more.

Improve Customer Support

Customer support is something that many businesses struggle with, especially those that don’t fix bugs or monitor customer interactions. However, session replay solves this by giving businesses the tools they need to handle customer requests.

If a customer has a problem with your website, you can use session replay to see what they interact with. As they’re describing the problem, viewing session replay makes it easier to find out what they’re talking about.

Whether they’ve encountered a bug or can’t find a certain product, you can advise them on how they can get around it. What makes session replay services even more beneficial is that you can provide the software to all your customer support employees to create a consistent experience.

Understand the User Experience

Similar to customer support, understanding the user experience can be difficult if you don’t use your site as your audience. With session replay, you can review the various recordings to learn more about how people use your site. From there, you can make any necessary changes to get visitors to interact with your site the way you want them to.

For example, if customers aren’t interacting with a product page, it could be because they don’t notice it. When going through the session recordings, watch the visitors’ cursors. If they aren’t getting close to the product page, you may need to move the page to another spot.

Another part of understanding the user experience is seeing how many pages visitors have to go through to get to a destination. Visitors won’t want to go through a plethora of pages to find something. Instead, your website should have a simple layout with everything accessible from the homepage.

Why You Should Use Session Replay Services

Now that you understand what session replay is and how it benefits website owners, you’re probably wondering why you should use it. The simple answer is because it’ll help you improve your website. Session replay services should be used by anyone that wants to have a successful website.

Whether you run a blog, host a streaming service, or have an online store, session replay ensures that your website is functional and engaging.

Decibel is one company that offers session replay services to all sorts of clients. If you check out their post, you’ll see a detailed outline of how session replay is constantly being improved. This will give you a better idea of how session replay can be used on your website.

Start Using Session Replay Today

After reading this article, you no longer need to ask yourself, “What is session replay?” We encourage anyone that wants to grow their website or business to invest in session replay as soon as possible. The sooner you start using it, the easier it’ll be to improve your website.

You can start by looking online for various companies that offer session replay software. Many sites will provide session replay tips, so take in as much information as possible and implement it into your site.

If this article has helped you, check out our others to learn more about a variety of topics!

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